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So, we need to start a blog!

The idea for this blog is to talk about our process and what we are up to. Each of our songs has our own perspective on life and we thought you, dear listener, might find it interesting to learn how they came about. What process we use to go from idea to finished production and the difficulties along the way. We will start this series by talking about the songs on our new album, LIFE LINES. What the songs mean to us and perhaps the overall meaning of the song, in case you find it a bit obscure. Most of our songs are quite self-explanatory but occasionally Cally writes a lyric that is open to interpretation (The song "SHE'S THERE" is not about schizophrenia, as some listeners seem to think 😁).

We hope you enjoy this series. Please let us know what you think and we are very open to any ideas you have for future blog posts. Anything you want to know or understand about us and our music please ask, and we will do our best to answer any and all questions.

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