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A Personal Message

Dear visitor,

We sincerely hope that you enjoy listening to our music and perhaps feel a connection with some of the lyrics and subjects that we, as songwriters and musicians, write about. Our album is about a person’s journey through life.  A couple of the songs were inspired by the Covid crisis (see if you can guess which ones!). All our songs are from the heart and based on our own life experiences. If you do like what we are doing as recording artists, then we need your help. Especially if you like things that go against the norm.

We are aware that trying to launch a music career when you have just started drawing a pension is perhaps an unlikely path to take. However, we feel that music does not have an age. We have never bought a record based on the age of the artist, it’s always about the music and whether it stirs something inside us.

If you think our musical endeavours stir something in you then please be a pro-active supporter. Help us to show the music industry that you don’t just want an endless procession of cute young things, who are not songwriters, or arrangers and producers, and who are signed more for their looks than their musical talent and just want to be "Pop Stars".

We want to show that it is possible to reach people regardless of a lack of youth. We are all living longer, and we should not be expected to just retire quietly and wait to die. We are not anti-youth, we are pro-age and want to prove that it is possible to succeed regardless of age.

So, if you like what we are doing, how can you help? The most important thing for any artist is publicity. We do not have the means to run a major publicity campaign or shoot a million-pound video (our video was shot in a field during Lockdown, using our phones!).

You can help by;

telling as many people as possible about us.

Leaving a comment on our YouTube channel.

Posting a link to our video or website on your Facebook or social media.

Even just telling your friends down the pub would be helpful.

And of course, buying our album would be amazing!

Also, please join our mailing list and we will keep you informed of our journey, new songs, and what we are up too.

Help us to go against the norm. Help us to show the world that older does not mean over. We all get older eventually but that should not mean that you become irrelevant. With your help we just might be able to buck the trend and prove that we can all still succeed, regardless of calendar age.

Thank you for visiting us today and reading this far. May you all be safe in these troubling times and we hope that our music has perhaps lifted your spirits, even for a short while.

Love, Light, and Peace,

Chris & Cally XxX

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