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Cally Bell

UK based recording artist Cally Bell began her singer-songwriting career later in life. A lifelong love of music leading her to pursue a latent talent.


Cally’s flair for writing poems; inspired by life events and her curiosity to learn more about music led to her meeting Chris Franklin, who mentored her on her journey into music. Cally writes music instinctively, with an ear to how things sound, rather than following formal musical structure.


Cally discovered she has a keen ear for lyrics and melodies, which came to the fore under Chris’s mentoring. Sitting at her piano or jamming with Chris is Cally’s favorite way of coming up with chord progressions and melodic lines. The lyrics often coming from the feel of the musical progression. This is how Cally had the original idea for the lyrics to GIVE IT TIME, Chris & Cally’s debut single and video. (see YouTube link)


Cally’s musical influences include Kate Bush, Barbara Streisand, Elton John/Bernie Taupin, John Barry. Cally loves musical theatre and this also strongly influences her writing

Cally’s debut album: LIFE LINES, written with Chris Franklin, demonstrates Cally’s love of different musical genres, from musical theatre to P-Funk. 


Cally believes that discovering an artistic talent does not have a cut-off age: “We have to pursue our dreams as now is all we have”.

The lyrics to her song, TRY, also on the album LIFE LINES, reflecting this feeling.

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