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Chris Franklin

Chris's Bio

Recording Artist Chris Franklin has been a musician since he was nine years old and his Aunt gave him her piano to cheer him up after his father died. He found making music and songwriting a great solace and this led to a lifelong love of playing and creating. Since then Chris has toured with many artists and played all over the world, never losing his passion for making music and loving the positive effect music can have on people’s lives.

Chris has been writing and arranging for most of his career but had never quite found the ideal writing partner until meeting Cally Bell. Originally, Cally came to Chris for music lessons but Chris sensed a latent musical talent in Cally and gave her a song idea to work on. Within a week she had come up with a great lyric and melodic idea and their partnership was born. That first song idea became a track called Changing Faces, which is on their debut album, Life Lines.

Chris is a lover of most musical styles but especially enjoys funk, soul, gospel and jazz. This makes working with Cally, who leans towards musical theatre, particularly interesting. Their partnership is a Ying Yang kind of thing and is proving to be very productive and taking them both in exciting new directions.

The most important element for Chris is the feel of a song. Regardless of the style, a song must feel good, or, as Chris likes to say;


“It won’t make you move,

   if it ain’t got that groove”. 

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